///Access Your Benefits Info Through VA’s ‘eBenefits’ Web Portal

Access Your Benefits Info Through VA’s ‘eBenefits’ Web Portal

eBenefits, otherwise known as the My eBenefits Web portal, was created in 2007 to serve wounded, injured, ill service members, and veterans, as well as their families and caregivers. It is definitely one VA program that you should consider using.

My eBenefits provides a private workspace for updating personal information, monitoring claims, applying for benefits, and managing your health.

First off, let’s handle registration requirements for basic account access, and then we’ll jump to premium account access, and why it’s worth your while to get it. To get a Basic account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). It’s very likely that you’re already enrolled, as enrollment in DEERS is automatic for all service members and veterans who have served since 1982. Those who served prior to 1982 are being added from VA/DoD records.
  • You must have a DoD Self-Service Logon (DS Logon). If you are already registered in DEERS, you are eligible for a DS Logon. If you register for a Basic account, the VA will automatically provide you with a DS Logon. Even better, once you have a DS Logon, it’s valid for the rest of your life.

Before we discuss the ‘how’ of a Premium eBenefits account, let’s cover the ‘why.’ What does a basic account get you, and why should one bother upgrading to a premium account?

  • A Basic account enables you to view general eBenefits information and customize it to suit your needs. With this type of account, you can apply for some VA benefits, but you cannot view your personal information from VA and DoD systems.
  • A Premium account gives you the highest level of access to eBenefits. You can do everything you can do with a Basic account. You can also view secure, personal information from VA and DoD systems. Aside from your personal information, which includes your Official Military Personnel File and VA Medical records, a Veteran can also do things like electronically request a refill for a prescription, check the status of an appeal or claim, or even check their VA payment history.

To get a Premium account on eBenefits, one must first get their Basic account access, the steps for which are listed above. The next step requires that the Veteran physically go to their nearest VA Regional Office. Make sure you take the following items with you:

  • One primary form of government identification (with a photograph) and a secondary form of identification (with or without photograph).
  • Proof of your current mailing address, if your ID is not current (acceptable items include a mortgage voucher, rent voucher, or utility bill).
  • Original DD-214 (if separated before 1982).

If you are not sure where your nearest VARO is located, the VA has provided an online VA Facility Locator.

When you arrive at your local VA Regional Office, ask someone where the Public Contact team is located. Once you are in touch with one of the team members, they will be able to assist you with processing your account for premium access. Best of luck!

Stephen Fricano
National Service Officer

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