//Every Day We Should Honor Veterans’ Service and Sacrifice

Every Day We Should Honor Veterans’ Service and Sacrifice


Greetings and Happy Veterans Day to all United Spinal Association members.

This year has been consumed by the presidential race. For many, the focus of November has been Election Day and its subsequent result. However, November is significant every year as it is the month in which we celebrate Veterans Day. While not every member of United Spinal Association is a veteran, November is a great time for us to reflect on the contributions to society provided by these selfless citizens.

Veterans Day is significant to United Spinal Association for a few reasons. First of all, VetsFirst, through United Spinal Association, is a veteran service organization that represents the interests of veterans on Capitol Hill to fight for legislation that benefits them. Second, we were founded by World War II veterans who returned home with spinal cord injuries but sought to reintegrate back into society despite the obstacles placed before them.

For me, Veterans Day is special on a personal level because I am a veteran as well. Veterans Day is a time for me to reflect on the sacrifices made by my fellow service members. While it is a link to the past, I have the benefit of being surrounded by veterans in the course of my career. In a sense, every day is Veterans Day.

While the physical and mental health of veterans varies widely, what I have noticed is that I have yet to meet a veteran who believes he or she did not have more to give. It amazes me, but I have known veterans who have lost limbs but feel like they could have sacrificed more for their fellow citizens.

Recently, the VetsFirst team visited the Bronx VA hospital named after one of our very own. It was energizing to me. Despite being from a different generation than many, or having served in a different branch of service or a different combat theater, I felt a deep connection. In other words, while it is my job to serve our members, the veterans who I met gave me something back.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Veterans Day and Semper Fidelis.

Ross Meglathery
VP of VetsFirst

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