In recognition of Veterans Day, you can show you care by making a tax deductible donation to support United Spinal Association’s VetsFirst program to assist veterans and their eligible family members in obtaining the benefits they are entitled to, deserve and need. There’s no better way to honor the sacrifice of our disabled veterans than giving a gift of $50, $75, $100 or more that will help them to adjust to life back home.


Lend Support to Those Who Served Us Proudly
Our nation’s veterans embody true leadership and courage. Their service to America does not end when these brave men and women return home. With the right tools, they continue to serve in our communities as dedicated employees, business owners, and entrepreneurs–making our country stronger. Our veterans come from all backgrounds but they share one common, powerful bond: a love of their country and a desire to succeed!

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Your commitment will allow us to continue to expand our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to champion positive changes to policies that will provide much-needed assistance to thousands of wounded warriors, including:

• Better job opportunities
• More access to community and housing
• Stronger disability benefits and health care
• Improved caregiver resources and support

From World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm to present-day conflicts––VetsFirst has fought tirelessly from the trenches to protect the rights of our nation’s veterans, just as they have valiantly protected the rights of their fellow Americans.

Join VetsFirst in honoring all of our nation’s veterans for their commitment to protect our freedom and improve our country. We supported paralyzed veterans returning home after World War II who needed better health care, higher paying jobs, and greater access to housing and transportation. Since then we have continued to serve those who sacrifice life and limb on the battlefield for our freedom.

For over 65 years we haven’t given up on those who have served us proudly or their families. We hope that you won’t give up on them either.

VetsFirst helps America’s disabled veterans, their spouses, dependent family members and survivors receive healthcare, compensation, rehabilitation, and other benefits offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

One way VetsFirst achieves this is through its free call center and online help desk, “Ask VetsFirst,” which connects with nearly 2,000 veterans annually and assists with questions on veterans’ benefits and health care.

With regard to benefits, the number of questions received by “Ask VetsFirst,” has steadily increased since the beginning of the year to approximately 100 questions online per month.

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This past year, VetsFirst has also made significant contributions to help veterans with a variety of disabilities reintegrate into their communities, by:

• meeting regularly with members of Congress and Administration officials to make sure that our disabled vets have the resources they need to return to work, go to school and find jobs
• partnering with other nonprofits and veterans service organizations to increase access to housing modifications for disabled and low-income veterans
• working with the highest levels of our government to end discrimination and remove barriers for disabled veterans

With the confidence of caring people like you, United Spinal Association and VetsFirst have accomplished so much for our disabled veterans. But our work is far from done. Please help us continue to serve those who have served us proudly!