Effective January 5, 2023, Public Law 116-315 expanded eligibility for the VA burial transportation allowance. The VA will pay reasonable costs incurred to transport a veteran remains from the place of death to the place of burial if the following criteria is met:

  • Veteran’s date of death is on or after January 5, 2023,
  • death occurs within a State,
  • place of burial is in any State, and,

Veteran meets any of the following:

  • the veteran’s remains are unclaimed, or
  • at the time of death, the veteran was in receipt of
    • VA disability compensation,
    • Military retired pay in lieu of disability compensation, or
    • VA Pension also called Non-Service-Connected Pension

Note: Transportation benefits for death while under VA care is paid regardless of the veterans date of death if the veteran dies while hospitalized at a VA Medical facility or other facility under prior authorization at VA expense.

The Non-Service-Connected burial rate increased from $300 to $893 for deaths occurring on or after 01-05-2023 and the burial allowance must be filed within 2 years after the veteran’s burial.

There is no time limit to file for a service-connected burial, plot, interment allowance or transportation.

For more information about VA Burial Allowance, please visit https://www.va.gov/burials-memorials/veterans-burial-allowance/