At some VA healthcare facilities, you can now check in for appointments with your smartphone. This feature will be available at all VA medical facilities by the end of August 2022.  You still have the option to also check in for an appointment with a staff member at all facilities.

If your VA facility offers the pre-check option, they will send you a text message to confirm your appointment. You may get this text up to a week before your appointment. After you confirm, VA will send you another text to start your pre-check-in process. They will confirm when you have completed pre-check-in.  When you arrive at the facility, you can then use your smartphone to let VA know you have arrived and have completed your check-in.

Look for this check-in poster.  If your VA health facility offers this check-in option, you will find a poster like this one. The poster will have a number to text or a QR code to scan to start the check-in process.

Note: If you do not find a check-in poster, you can always check in with a staff member.