Veterans can now get rid of unused or expired medications by dropping them off at their local VA Medical Center. By disposing of these unwanted drugs, you are not only protecting yourself, but your family, friends, and others from accidental poisoning or overdosing.

Don’t flush unwanted, unneeded drugs down toilets or drains or throw them out in the trash. This can harm the water supply and wildlife. Your VA now has envelopes that you can use to mail your unwanted medications for disposal that is safe for the environment. These envelopes are free and do not require postage.

Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare can bring their expired or unused medications to their VA Medical Center for disposal any time by contacting their local VA Police Service or VA Pharmacy.

The DEA Website can also help you locate an on-site receptacle in your community. Check the DEA Site for a list of Public Controlled Substance Disposal Locations.