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// Connect to DB
@$conn = mysql_connect('localhost', DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);

// Create temp table
@mysql_query("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE posts_tmp (theDate DATETIME, theExcerpt text, theID bigint, theLink text)");

// Vetsfirst news
INSERT INTO posts_tmp
SELECT wposts.post_date, wposts.post_excerpt, wposts.ID, CONCAT('', wposts.ID)
FROM wp_vetsfirst_posts wposts INNER JOIN wp_vetsfirst_term_relationships wterms ON wposts.ID=wterms.object_id
wposts.post_status = 'publish'
AND wposts.post_type = 'post'");

// Get 3 latest articles in either United Newsroom or VetsFirst "united news" category
@$post_res = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT *, DATE_FORMAT(theDate, '%M %D, %Y') as theDateFormatted FROM posts_tmp ORDER BY theDate DESC LIMIT 3");

while( @$aPost = mysql_fetch_array($post_res) ) {
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