The VA in 1991 established a presumption that certain diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure were directly connected to military service. The illnesses or chronic diseases can occur many years after your military service and is presumed to be service-connected.

For years Air Force Veterans and Reservist have claimed Agent Orange exposure from working on C-123s Aircraft. Finally, on 6/18/2015 VA Secretary Robert McDonald made the decision that Air Force Service Members and Air Force Reservist who work on C-123 Aircraft from 1969 to 1986 were exposed to Agent Orange because the C-123 Aircraft were never properly decontaminated after the Vietnam War. Now the VA will recognize Agent Orange exposure for Vietnam Service, Blue Water Vets (some diseases), Korea DMZ Service, Thailand Service, Air Force C-123 Crews/Mechanics both Active and Reserve, and Exposures at a few Military Bases.

The VetsFirst Knowledge Book on VA Claim Guidance under Section 2.26 provides the list of Agent Orange Presumptive Service Connected Related Disability Conditions, Qualifications for a Claim, Hotline Number, Required Claim Paperwork and How to file a claim for Exposure to Agent Orange from Contaminated C-123s. The following link will direct you to the VetsFirst Knowledge Book information contained in Section 2.26, Herbicides (Agent Orange): Contaminated C-123 Aircraft: View information