You can upgrade your account on the My HealtheVet Website at or any of the other instructions provided below:

Upgrading YOUR My HealtheVet account is FREE, and with top-level access, YOU will enjoy My HealtheVet’s Premium features. My HealtheVet users with an Advanced account will receive an automated pop-up message when you login now, informing you to upgrade-to-Premium by September 1, 2021. My HealtheVet account types are changing and Advanced account holders have the option to upgrade-to-Premium by September 1, 2021 – or your account will revert to basic – and no longer be able to order prescriptions online or upgrade-to-Premium with one easy step.

Once you upgrade to a Premium account, you will be able view, print or download YOUR personal health information including a VA health summary, VA medical images and reports, appointment and medication information, labs and tests, VA electronic health record history, allergies, immunizations, vitals and readings, food and activity journals, goals, demographics and health insurance and more. No more in-person visits to VA Release of Information to request YOUR VA medical record! Premium access provides YOU with opportunities and tools to make informed decisions and manage YOUR health care with options like VA online scheduling – with email reminder alerts prior to YOUR appointments, VA medical images and reports – including reports notifications and our most popular feature: VA prescription refills – with tracking and shipment notifications. to e-mail your primary care doctor and other healthcare teams at our facility via Secure Messaging. You will have access to send messages to your entire healthcare team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yes access to your provider and anyone else that you see at the VA.  This includes our VA outpatient clinics as well.  And it’s completely free!

You can also upgrade on your computer, tablet or smart phone by using your DS Logon or registering for an sign-in, the following link provides details to use/create a DS Logon or account:  My HealtheVet: Put a Premium on Your Health – YouTube.  Just go to the website, click on the green ‘Sign in’ button, and follow the prompts for either of these services.

If you have forgotten your User name or password feel free to contact our National Help Desk at 1-877-327-0022, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and they will help you retrieve it.