Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Impact All Generations of Veterans

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Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Impact All Generations of Veterans

July 25th, 2016|Health Care & Benefits|

Tinnitus and hearing loss affect veterans of all categories and might not get the attention that it deserves.

How Can I Receive VA Medical Care if I Reside or Travel Abroad?

July 7th, 2016|VetsFirst Q&A|

The Foreign Medical Program is a Department of Veterans Affairs’ health care benefits program for Veterans with VA rated service-connected conditions that are residing or traveling abroad.

No Signature Required for VA Healthcare

July 7th, 2016|Health Care & Benefits|

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today it has eliminated paper signature requirements for Veterans wishing to enroll in VA health care. Effective immediately, VA has amended its enrollment regulations to allow Veterans to complete enrollment applications for [...]

Can I Transfer My GI Bill Benefits To My Spouse Or Children?

June 1st, 2016|VetsFirst Q&A|

The Post-9/11 GI Bill allows Servicemembers to transfer all 36 months or some unused portion of their benefits to their spouse or dependent children.

Can VA Garnish Benefits If A Veteran Fails To Pay Copays?

June 1st, 2016|VetsFirst Q&A|

If you are currently drawing VA benefits, it is possible that your debt may be offset from your next benefit check.

Paternity Fraud – Hurting Military Men, Families and Society

May 18th, 2016|Rights|

It’s called “paternity fraud,” and everyone – military men included – would be wise to become informed about this national epidemic. While this might be an issue that seems disconnected from the American public, other than those affected directly, [...]

Can I Get A Veterans ID Card If I Don’t Have A Service Connected Condition?

May 3rd, 2016|VetsFirst Q&A|

There are several ways to get a Veterans ID card in order to prove military service and receive access to government benefits and store discounts.

Can A Veteran’s Caregiver Receive Financial Assistance?

May 3rd, 2016|VetsFirst Q&A|

Both professional caregivers, and spouses, or family members of Veterans may receive tax-free money to provide care for veterans.

Advocating For VA Benefits On The Hill

April 22nd, 2016|Health Care & Benefits, Updates|

Advocating for VA Benefits keeps VetsFirst engaged with the Executive and Legislative branches of the government throughout the year.

Women Veterans Are The Focus At Annual Summit

March 31st, 2016|Updates|

The needs of women veterans were in the spotlight at the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation annual summit, attended by VetsFirst director Ross Meglathery.